Fiber Optic Cleaver

Model : T30C

Automatic is more efficient Automatic back-position cutter This is the fiber cutter youre looking for. SMALL SIZE BIG ACTION Triple Multi-function fixture for a wide range of diameter wire. 62W*64D*74H MM ex clusive appearance size designM

Detailed Information


Automatic  is  more efficient

Automatic back-position cutter


This is the fiber cutter you're looking for.


Triple Multi-function fixture for a wide range of diameter wire. 62W*64D*74H MM exclusive 

appearance size design,More compact shape. The machine itself uses a large number of 

aeronautical aluminum materials, making the weight only 350G. Thus carrying more Convenience, 

so work under various heights conditions is not limited.


Product parameters

Fiber typeAll optical fiberSuitable for  optical fiber

Single-Core quartz  fiber

Cover diameter125umLayer diameter

Single-Core 250-900 um

Cutting lengthSingle - core fiber optics : 10&16mm a fixed length, Adjustable length 3-20mm
Blade Life72,000 times ( 3,000 times each, a total of 24 points )

*Note: The data are measured in the laboratory, the actual use will be slightly different depending on the situation.




High-density + hardness= high life

The blade adopts imported tungsten steel blades, the hardness can reach 94.5. Each blade weighs 

up to 10.6g and thus has a higher density of blades. Compared with the domestic ordinary stainless 

steel blades, it has a higher service life, thus reducing the maintenance and use costs later. Unique blade 

protection shell design, to ensure that the blade will not be easily contaminated, thereby improving efficiency.


Rubber base more 


Rubber base design, reduce the machine base bump at the same time also avoid cutting knife 

itself loss, but also reduce the Contact the damage of the cutting tool items. Rubber pads make 

the base more friction, so the machine will be more stable placed. Thereby not will not work 

properly because the display surface is too smooth.


Zero drop safe

Although the fiber is small, it is not safe to lose the wrong place. Most of the fiber is quartz material, 

which is usually seen in glass.If the home is a carpet, wood flooring environment did not clean up in 

time to make people injured. humanized Fiber Waste box set, waste is not discarded is a fling. Avoid 

the pollution of the home environment by optical fiber, and also fundamentally avoid A safety hazard 

caused by fiber optic waste.


Automatic stability 

= high efficiency

Products using a triple fixture design, suitable for leather line, tail fiber, bare wire. The fixture is designed 

by ergonomics, and the open position is designed with a convex key, making it easier to open. The blade 

design adopts shockproof structure to ensure the cutting accuracy under normal operation of the machine. 

The automatic return knife design is more convenient to operate and avoids the process of forgetting to 

return the knife due to busy work, thus improving the working efficiency. The use of aeronautical aluminum 

makes the machine design more streamlined.



The Product packing box is made of high-strength ABS, which can provide simple protection for damp 

or dusty environment. Guaranteed Cutting Knives are not subject to environmental pollution, thus 

ensuring the cutting accuracy of cutting knives. Thus increasing the service life of the product and 

improving the working efficiency.