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We are regarded as industry leaders in fiber optic equipment manufacturing and solutions, focused solely on delivering great user experiences.

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We ORIENTEK belong to the China Orientop Electronics Group (COET), the COET is a provincial-level large electronics manufacturing and trading group enterprises. In 2005, Orientek produced fusion splicer: PT330 In 2008, Orientek produced fusion splicer: PT430 and the annual sales amount exceeded 1000 sets. In 2011, produced fusion splicer:PT-650 and the annual sales exceeded 2000 sets. In 2013, produced fusion splicer:T35, T40 and the annual sales exceeded 3000 sets. In 2013, produced OTDR: TR600 and the annual sales exceeded 2000 sets.


Today’s fiber optic industry is characterized by increasingly broad deployment of what was once considered a specialist technology. So it is increasingly important that fiber optic equipment is versatile, economic, reliable and also very easy to use. Orientek has always provided excellent and practical fiber optic solutions for the industry’s needs, and we continue this tradition today. Our high quality splicing and test equipments and innovative reporting software provide the best return on investment in the industry, by lowering overall project cost, and improving customer confidence.


Orientek is truly a global business with channel partners spanning over 70 countries. Partners are selected on their capability to provide our customers with specialist technical advice & applications support. Export accounts for 80% of our business. We put forward the development prospect "To be best in Instrument industry in China; To be world-known brand; To be first-class Company".








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